8051 MicroController Lab android application for student

This application contains 19 basic application Lab programs for 8051 microcontroller and a little bit of theory. This application will surely save your time while writing records. The codes in this application are READY TO BAKE.
Features of the app:
• It contains some theory knowledge also.
• It’s a lab in your hand.
• 19 assembly level programs for 8051.
• All the programs are lab-oriented.
• It provides a user-friendly interface.
• All the codes are TESTED OK. All the codes are commented which helps the user to easily understand the code.

19 assembly level programs for 8051.

1.Write a program to add two 16 bit unsigned numbers 2040H and 202BH
2.Write a program to Subtract two 16 bit unsigned numbers 2040H and 2040H
3.Write a program to generate BCD up counter and send each count to port P1
with a certain delay between each count.Check your result with on board LEDs.
4.Write a program to find the maximum of 10 numbers stored in RAM.
5.Write a program to find the minimum of 10 numbers stored in RAM.
6.Write a program to convert a 2-digit decimal number into corresponding three ASCII numbers.
7.To blink a set of 8 Leds, One alternate Led turn on at a time, both forward and reverse direction.
8.Write a program to generate an accurate delay of 1ms using timer and use it to blink an LED with a frequency of 1Hz
9. Write a program to read a keyboard using interrupt method and display the characters on the serial console.
10.Write a program to interface a 16×2 character LCD with 8051 microcontroller and display characters on the LCD.
11.Write a program to interface a pushbutton momentarily ON switch and use it to alternately turn On/Off an LED by interrupt method. At the same time blink a different LED
12.Write a program to interface a pushbutton momentarily ON switch with 8051 microcontroller using polling method and cause it to alternately turn ON/OFF an LED.
13.Exchange the content of FFh and FF00h
14.Store the higher nibble of r7 in to both nibblesof r6
15.Treat r6-r7 and r4-r5 as two 16 bit registers.Perform subtraction between them. Store the result in 20h(lower byte) and 21h (higher byte).
16.Divide the content of r0 by r1. Store the resultin r2 (answer) and r3 (reminder). Then restore the originalcontent of r0.
17.Transfer the block of data from 20h to 30h toexternal location 1020h to 1030h.
18. Find out how many equal bytes between twomemory blocks 10h to 20h and 20h to 30h.
19.Given block of 100h to 200h. Find out how many bytes from this block are greater then the number in r2 and less then number in r3. Store the count in r4.

8051 MicroController Lab

1. Theory of 8051 added.
2. Users can find the comments of an instruction from within the program.
3. New programs are added.
4. Support for Portrait Mode only.
5. Major User Interface Modifications.
6. Various bug fixes and Optimizations.