How to Safe From Petya Ransomware step by step

Many countries around the world, including India, have been hit by a second “cyber attack” within two months. This time ‘Petya’ virus has targeted banks, government institutions, airports and top companies. This dangerous Ransomware has stalled the companies’ systems and sought a ransom of $ 300. ‘Petya’ first targets Ukraine on Tuesday and after that took entire Europe into its grip.

How to Safe From Petya Ransomware

1.At first, go to your folder option and untick the option “hide extensions for known file types”

 Petya Ransomware
2.Once you have unticked that option open your C: drive and open your windows folder.

3. After that just scrolling down and you will see one notepad.exe file.

 Petya Ransomware
4.Just copy this notepad.exe file and paste it in the same location.
5. You will see this notepad-copy.exe file as shown in the photo.

 Petya Ransomware
6. Just rename this notepad-copy.exe file into perfc.exe as shown in the photo.

 Petya Ransomware
7. Once you have renamed this file and right click you will get properties option

8.Just click on properties here you will see two option read only and Hidden

 Petya Ransomware
9.Just tick on readonly and apply.

this is the simple way to Safe From Petya Ransomware…

If you want to avoid such attacks then keep in mind these five things.

1.Backup Now

It would be better to back up the necessary files.Experts advise that there should always be multiple backups. You should continue to back up your data on cloud services in addition to physical hard drives. If you are backing up in a hard drive, then disconnect it from your network and keep it.

2.Keep Your system up-to-date

If you are using outdated system software like windows XP, windows 7 and windows 8 then Hurry Up, Up to date Now.

3.Use anti-virus software

Use a Good Anti-Virus software, by which you can avoid viruses that are common.Small cyber criminals target those people who do not have much information about viruses and so on. So it is better that you always keep good anti-virus in your system.

4.Be aware

It is important for your employees to be aware of this that you tell your employees about this attack and be cautious. The first thing is that no one should click on suspicious links and such attachments should not be opened. Hackers make users victim through infected email links. As soon as the attached attachments are opened, the outdated systems become hacking. Not only this, through a system, this virus can also take other computers in that network into its grip.

5. Turn off the network

When Petya ransomware gets attacked on your Pc then immediately disconnect your Internet connection from your computers.Network shutdown will stop the encryption process.If your files are locked and you are being asked for a Money then keep in mind that hackers can execute more attacks in the future. Also, there is no guarantee that your files will be restored.



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