Keep these things in mind before selling your old Android smartphones

Are you thinking of selling your old Android smartphones? If your answer is yes, then never forget these things. That is if you want to avoid personal data sharing in any way, and want your cell phone to be sold, and if you do not want to share any personal data, then you have to follow some steps, after which your Android smartphone will be ready to sell. And if you sell your Android smartphones without doing so, then you may have a lot of problems, you can also misuse your data.

selling your old Android smartphones

However, keep in mind that only you can do this physically, and make your data 100% secure. However, many tools are such that through which your data can be restored again.

Before you start
1. Do not forget to backup your Android phone’s data with contacts.
2. Out of all the services being used by this phone, such as email and social media, people out, and also terminate the data of these apps, if you can do this

What do we do now?
If this phone or tablet works on the Android 5.0 Lollipop or above version, then you will get Android device protection or factory reset protection. Through this feature, any device is suitable for the use of a new user, because it does not contain any of your data. If your phone has this feature, and you have used it while calling your phone, then when any new user uses it, then it will have to do its own settings, it will not be able to use your data.

If your phone has an FRP active, and you want to sell your phone, then deactivate this feature in the phone.

Apart from this, you can make your phone completely secure by following these steps.

Step 1. First, turn off any kind of screen lock, go to the phone’s settings> go to security or lock screen security now by going to Change the screen type to None.

Step 2. To delete your Google Account from this device, go to Phone Settings> Now you have to go to Users and Accounts, now tap on your account and remove it.

Step 3. In addition to this, if you have a Samsung device, then remotely remove your Samsung account from it.

Step 4. After doing all these things, factory reset your phone. However, through this, data is only cleared at the app level, apart from this, your SMS and chat messages can be restored again with the help of one tool.

Finally, tell you that you can clear your phone completely without any special tools, and the person you are selling this smartphone, if it does not make sense to your data, then it will never able to see.