New Google Feed feature will make Search easier for Indians

In order to give better internet access to Indian Internet users, Google has announced launching a new feed feature for Android and iOS on its Google app on Friday. This new feature will help the user to search the news and information through the web of their smartphone.

Google said in a statement, “You can access the news feed by updating and launching your Google app. This feed will allow you to see the latest headlines, catchy videos, new music, stories of your hobbies and much more. It will be available in both English and Hindi.

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The new feed will facilitate users from the search results directly to the subject. Users will see a ‘follow’ button in search results on mobile. By clicking on this button, the user will be able to find the latest information about various types of stories and related topics about his favorite films, players’ teams, favorite bands and music artists and other celebrities.

Google said, “It is up to you to choose, you can also unfollow any topics and interest – just tap a card given in your feed and unfollow it or remove it from your feed.