SIM-free iPhone X available for sale in Apple’s online store in US

Apple has made a SIM-free iPhone X available for sale through its online store in the US. From here you can buy an iPhone X, in which you do not have to choose any Carrier, this is an Unlocked iPhone. That is, Apple has made such a version of the iPhone X available for sale in the US which is going to be unstoppable, that is, you do not need to put any SIM in it.

SIM-free iPhone X

All the capabilities and features in the SIM-free iPhone X version are the same as you see on another iPhone X. This means that besides SIM, this smartphone has been introduced just as it was launched a lot of time ago. That is, no change has been made in this regard. Let us know that the pre-order process for this smartphone was started on December 5, and it will be delivered to people in the US by December 12.

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The iPhone-X’s sim-free model will be able to work on any carrier, as well as it has been introduced with the full support of both CDMA and GSM. This is something like the Sprint or Verizon version. However, let us know that AT & T and T-Mobile do not support CDMA; apart from this, it is also not capable of supporting Sprint and Verizon.