Want to know? How to get Android Oreo features on any android device

As we know Google has released new Android version 8.0 Oreo OS. With which Android Oreo Launcher has also been made available, which is currently only available in pixels and Nexus devices. But if you do not have a pixel or Nexus device, you can still avail of Oreo features in any of your Android smartphones by installing the Oreo Launcher. But it is important to know some tips for this. Let’s know that an easy way to use Oreo Launcher in any Android smartphone other than pixels and Nexus devices.

First of all, open Google.com in your smartphone and type Rootless Pixel Launcher 2.1, after which there will be some options open. Among them, select Launcher3-aosp-debug.apk.

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Just  download this apk and install it. OK when install is complete After that your device will have a launcher 3 set. After this you will be able to take advantage of the Android Oreo Launcher in your phone. There is a special feature that you will not need to open the app to check notifications coming in an app, but if you make tabs on the app for a while, notifications will start showing there.

On the other hand, if you want to uninstall the Oreo Launcher, you can do it easily. For this, you have to open the app by going to the phone’s settings and click on the Launcher3 app and then uninstall it by opening it. Uninstalling will resume your device again.