WhatsApp Payments: How to transfer Money to your friends using WhatsApp application

Earlier this week, Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced testing of its payment features with limited beta users in India. Right now, the company has rolled out this feature to everyone. This payment service has been made in partnership with the payment service NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) and has been integrated with BHIM (India Interface for Money). Whatsapp Payments takes advantage of the Unified Payments Interface so that you can send money to other users on the platform.

WhatsApp Payments

With UPI-based Whatsapp payments service, you can transfer money directly into your bank. As you will send money to the WhatsApp user, who has added his phone number with the bank account and the UPI, there is no need to enter VPA (Virtual Payments Address) or Bank Account Number or IFSC Code. Let’s tell you how you can send money to your friends with WhatsApp.

The process of linking a bank account with WhatsApp Payment is quite easy. First of all, open your WhatsApp and tap the three dots appearing on the top right corner and tap in the settings.

You will see this new option ‘Payments’ under the name notification. Tapping it up After this the second screen will open. Then click ‘accept and continue’ where your number one SMS will be verified. You can instruct the app to send an SMS to tapping on it. Once verified, you can see the bank’s list.

After confirming the mobile number from the bank account and the UPI, you will see a list of all the UPI supported banks.

Select your bank. After this, the app will have its bank account number and the rest of the detail show. Then tap on it. After this process, your setup will be completed.

If you have many bank accounts and you want to add them, open your WhatsApp app, tap on three dots and click on the payment. Here you will see the option of “add new account” and the bank’s list. After this, you select your bank. After this process, you can set up a primary bank account to receive money. At the same time, it can also be removable.


To make Whatsapp Payments to your friend, it is necessary that they have downloaded the latest version of Whatsapp. The recipients also need to link the bank account and phone number to the UPI account. If so, you can send money to your friend.

To send money you have to open your friend’s chat. At the same time, you can also send money to friends in the group. After the chat is open, the payment option will appear in the ‘Clip’ icon below. Then click on it and type the amount you want to send. After this, it will demand a 4-digit UPI pin from you. The money will be transferred after the authenticity.