African version of Bhojpuri song ‘lollipop lagelu’ being viral on social media sung by Singer Samuel Singh

Lagelu jab lipstick … hile aara district … jila top sardu chalen’, everybody’s mind starts jumping after listening to this song. In 2011, this song  ‘lollipop lagelu’ of Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh made a big difference in not only Bihar but in different parts of India. Apart from the wedding, this song is still the first demand in the DJ. In the past seven years, the popularity of this song has increased so much that this song is now heard abroad as the first choice.

African Famous singer Samuel Singh sang Lollipop as a cover song. He recorded this song singing in his voice and style and posted it on Facebook on July 1. In the last 5 days, the song became so popular and it was fiercely sounding on the social media.

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Over 5 lakh people have watched this song on Facebook, while more than 20 thousand people have shared this song. Indian fans on social media are not tired of praising them. A person has congratulated them saying that you have illuminated the name of Bihar. We are proud of you and Bihar. Good job … after which Samuel thanked him.

Samuel also uploaded the song named as “Lollipop Lagelu (Bhojpuri song) cover by Samuel Singh” on YouTube. This song, 2 minute 55 seconds, has seen more than 37 thousand people on YouTube. He is getting a great response from his fans.



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