Game Lovers, New Pokémon game is Coming


The big company,”POKEMON” has launched a website and yes also a new game for the game lovers for smartphones.The Pokemon game for the iPhone and yes also for the smartphones.The game is called,”POKELAND“.And is currently available as a limited beta in Japan only.If you think this is a sequel to Pokémon GO, you will be very upset as because it looks like a brand new concept and a game.According to the website, POKE LAND is all about fighting other monsters across the various levels.

Pokeland game is developed by AMBRELLA.The same game studio that was earlier in the charge of Pokémon RUMBLE.All the users will be able to use their account of Nintendo account.And the game will be an online one.


At present, the app of the game is only available on Android in Japan for the first 10k users who download the app.The game will feature 134 Pokemon, 52 levels across 6 islands.Beta players only get to play the first 15 levels.And it should be a free to play game.

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it is not cleared by the company that when they are going to launch the game officially in Japan and internationally.But the beta is ending on June 9th.So if everything runs smoothly, the game lovers can expect the new Pokemon game in just a few weeks.




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